When the time comes for the embryo to receive the spirit of life, at that time the sun begins to help. This embryo is brought into movement, for the sun quickens it with spirit. From the other stars this embryo received only an impression, until the sun shone upon it. How did it become connected with the shining sun in the womb? By ways hidden from our senses: the way whereby gold is nourished, the way a common stone becomes a garnet and the ruby red, the way fruit is ripened, and the way courage comes to one distraught with fear.

-- Jalaluddin Rumi.

I do not have a rigid plan in which I produce my work, rather I keep several sketchbooks with me as I travel and take notes on the spontaneous inspiration I receive; I collect these like seeds and the works seem to ripen on their own terms. Life has been a series of abrupt and smooth transformations for me. Hence, impermananence is a powerful theme I like to explore. Curiosity has been an efficient catalyst for learning over the years, and I love to quench its thirst before beginning a new piece. The works of Buckminster Fuller, observations of Nature, and poetry from various artists are some of the most significant influences. After all, life is both beautiful and miraculous and I would like to capture some of its essence in my work.

I have grown fond of Yin and Yang and wish to produce its elegance in my black and white illustrations. Metaphysical symbolism, natural processes, human sexuality, and psychology are the intended themes of these works. I have a tendency to focus on beautiful topics, therefore it will be rare for me to produce works regarding politics. Perhaps a few may slip through if the stars align.

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