A Compendious Biography

On June 30, 1988, Alexander Lui was pushed out of the Womb, where he was not able to confirm the specific details of his Birth Certificate. As a witness to an early divorce, Alex was raised by a single-mother and the public schools of the Bay Area, California. He found his favorite after-school activities to be exploring the beaches of Alameda, finding round stones and arranging them in circles, and jumping across the artificial streams and ponds of Ballena Village. Sometimes, he did not make it across the pond, which was regrettable, but the result made him want another attempt, which often proved to be regrettable.

After his mother's second marriage, he experienced frequent school transfers as a result of family relocations in early childhood. Naturally, Alex did not develop the ability to maintain long-term friendships during this period. He found more solace consulting the Nintendo 64 and Japanese animation than social interactions with peers; video games became a solitary hobby in contrast to the mundane, routine-driven, and competitive concentration camps of compulsory routine. At this time, he was disagreeable with sports and competition because he did not understand the utility of participating in endless measurement contests. Nor did he like popularity contests. He enjoyed art classes, science and math, and loved to golf. He grew fond of the hills and wildlife of the small town of Moraga.

He reluctantly departed Moraga in 8th grade to arrive at the high-desert of Las Vegas where he spent the rest of his academic development. Alex promptly rejected the first school he was transferred to and as a result of rebellion he was home-schooled for the remainder of 8th Grade. Although Alex was disappointed with the zeitgeist of the desert, he agreed to attend public high school for the sake of social interaction. The charisma of a few teachers inspired him to continue nurturing his curiosity for the sciences. Alex admits that the greatest lessons in his high school experience was likely the reading of The Lord of the Flies by William Golding, and 1984 by George Orwell. With some momentum from his high school exit and inspiration from Ray Kurzweil's "The Singularity is Near," Alex bet his ambition on university life in hopes to take part in creating a sustainable human future.

Higher education was akin to a 6-year marathon-dream with gleeful intermissions. Maintaining enthusiasm and some gullibility, Alex finished his bachelor's degree and was subsequently accepted to the Engineering Department's accelerated Master's Degree Program. Alex naively chose to specialize in Nuclear Science in his graduate studies by superficially thinking that nuclear power is clean and sustainable. The nototious chain of incidents of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2001 proved otherwise and incited a conscious-subconcious-silent war within the microcosm known as "Alex." The outcome of this inner skirmish was sudden schizophrenic withdrawal from the academic institution.

The post-bellum/post-academia time began as a period of confusion and highly diversified interests and areas of focus. The most significant was his interests in gardening and horticulture which eventually manifested a role as an agricultural consultant in Colorado. Research in this area revealed a contrast between farminig methods that operated out of harmony with Nature such as monoculture, artificial fertilization, and use of unsafe pesticides as opposed to natural methods such as composting, use of biodiversity, and Rudolf Steiner's biodynamics. Nearing the close of his Denver escapade, Alex sadly concluded that out of greed and the love for pieces of paper and illusory power derived from these pieces of paper, humans have created war among themselves, to exploit each other and the Natural environment. As a result, humans have suffered, animals have suffered, and thus this vicious cycle is a curse upon this spaceship we call Earth. In another silent-revolution, Alex condensed his belongings to two backpacks and left almost everything he knew behind. Having grown sick of his own conclusion, he decided to travel without direction, to wander until he found purpose again.

Sketching became an integral activity and an alternate means of observing the world during his journey. Today, he maintains this activity while residing in the Los Angeles Area with intentions to become a professional artist. Alex enjoys playing the piano, writing poetry, exploring different mediums of creativity, and visiting the local parks. He spends his spare time strategizing about the methods that his generation will implement in order to clean up the awesome legacy of environmental destruction previous generations have accrued.

Alexander Lui is a self-trained artist with an educational background in engineering sciences. He is largely inspired by nature, science, eco-technology, philosophy, and human evolution. Alexander believes all human disease is obsolete and he is willing to prove it to you: if you love yourself, click here. Have a lovely day!

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