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Winter Series 8.5"x11"

The Green Hand


Delta To The Moon

Individual Works


Unframed. 22 in. by 30 in. Black ink on quality paper: Inspired by old prune trees that grow roots in the air, Ascension tells a story of a pilgrim's path that leads the traveler to unfamiliar and lofty lands.

Rise After Dusk

Color pencil illustration on 18 in. x 24 in. 140 lb. paper. A tribe of sunflowers light up the night. The golden ratio is abundant in this plant. This is inspired by growing sunflowers in the garden and influenced by Gustav Klimt's sunflowers.

Babel: The Rise of Silence

Micro-pen black ink on 22 in. x 30 in. watercolor paper: 24 in. x 36 in. black frame with a brown matte border. Nature is mostly silent in her operations and is a sign of her efficiency. Therefore, noise is a mark of inefficiency. Often we are lost in translation: there is fake news, propaganda, and much verbosity and advertisements competing for our attention. The goddess at the center of the galaxy abhors the illusions we have created for ourselves and throws the miniute-hand of a broken clock at the tower of words and symbols. The three-legged-crow, Yatagarasu, symbolizes divine intervention.

Seasons of Rebirth

A series of three pieces crafted with the smallest ink pen I could find on quality watercolor paper. I chose black and white to capture the elegance of Yin and Yang. Perhaps we've had a mid-life crisis, a divorce, a revolutionary lifestyle change, or have awaken from a dream to find ourselves in a much larger dream. The truth is paradigm shifts are everywhere; everything moves and is constantly changing. An observation can shatter everything we thought was previously possible. Quantum physics comes along to give us new eyes and Newton's laws are alienated. Einstein comes along and Newton's Laws are approximate at best. Nothing is simultaneous. Nature is nonlinear and abhors perfection. But what kind of science can truly explain the miracle of life? The thinking that have produced our problems cannot solve them. The solution requires new thinking, it requires evolution, it requires rebirth. That's the only way to break our limits. Thus, comes the inspiration for these distinct pieces.

Life and Silence

Black ink on 22 in. x 30 in. quality paper: 24 in. x 36 in. black frame with a brown matte border. Before we are born again, we must die. The old must fall away. In this silence of decay and restructuring, we are often outwardly still. Yet, there is much consciousness and life within and this inner alchemy is often unseen by our common senses. The Moon oversees this "winter of the soul" like a great Mother in the Sky; She rules the waves of the ocean, the cycles of plants, and the phases of rebirth.


Black ink on 22 in. x 30 in. quality paper: 24 in. x 36 in. black frame with a brown matte border. The soul is in flight in the eye of the storm. Both old and new are within sight. Surely, the dark night of the soul is past to reveal the fruits of the night. Very transitional, this represents a schizophrenic aspect of a journey where two worlds are still in reach for the pilgrim-soul.

Mystic Spring

Black ink on 22 in. x 30 in. quality paper: unframed. A river and source of light resides deep within us and reveals our infinite resourcefulness. The soul has now reached an eternal state of enchantment. We have come home to a magical forest where time does not exist. We are home here. And here the soul knows it is immortal and made up of infinite nonlinear experiences.


A series of 78 individual illustrations: high-quality color pencil on 18 in. x 24 in. 140 lb. paper. In general, I will start production with the Major Arcana and move into the Minor Arcana. Feel free to contact the artist regarding priority requests.

The Sun

Unframed. The Sun is the spiritual center of our solar system and a conscious-living entity fertilizing all life. Occultists say, the quality of energy is different as our star appears to travel through the constellations of the ecliptic. Like pure children, the sun does not discriminate, therefore, diversity remains a notable theme: 12 astrological seasons of the zodiac are here, 7 colors of the spectrum, and the classic 4 seasons. Nudity is a theme kept to remind us of the open-hearted state of being of the sun, for Light casts out all fear like a single candle in the dark. A very positive piece and a sign of good omens.

Small Works and Gifts: Cover Cards

These are universal cover cards with unique artwork. Done with micro-pen on 8.5 in. x 11 in. cardstock and available in sunshine-yellow, mint-green, coral-blue, light-turquoise, and tan. Great for gifts or for any occasion! Empty space for your messages! Will ship in an envelope without folding.

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