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Math Tutoring/Lessons

Homework assistance and strengthening weaknesses for most math topics including applied mathematics in general sciences. Bring your homework, exams, textbook, references. Follow-up appointments drill on your previous session's difficulties for first 10 minutes.

Skill Assessment + 4 Accelerated Lessons

Take a diagnostic skills assessment to find out knowledge gaps needed to strenghten for a strong calculus foundation. Includes 4 personalized weekly 1-hr lessons scheduled at a convenient time slot. 3 sets of exercises. Covers general algebra, trignometry, and functions.

Mastering Fractions, Percentages, Ratios, Practical Numbers

Master fractions, percentages, scientific notation, and unit conversions in 3 lessons. You will be able to simplify and manipulate "monster" fractions. Popular for K-12 students and preparation for many standardized exams that include a basic math section. No math experience necessary; we start from visual basics. 2 sets of exercises.

Coming Soon - Fall 2017

Introduction to Calculus, Mastering Algebraic Manipulations, Introduction to Differential Equations, Intro to Creative Mathematical Exploration